Hey, I’m Eli Kirtman.

Your Cybersecurity Copywriter!

I write an array of B2B content and copy that positions your products and services where they should be – at the forefront of your prospect’s mind when making critical buying decisions regarding enhanced and impenetrable cybersecurity.

I care about your products & services AND the people and businesses they protect.

I understand why your products and services play a critical role in cybersecurity.

I get operations security (OPSEC) marketing because I’ve been out there where the evil lurks, waiting for its opportunity to invade our lives. I’ve invested over a decade of my life protecting United States national security – averting terrorism from within the depths of the Pacific abyss, overseas both in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and right here in our backyard.

The evil is more prevalent than ever before. I’m not talking about improvised explosive devices (IED), suicide bombers, or other conventional terrorist tactics.

Today, we are fighting a more stealth breed of terrorists operating in the global battlefield of cyberspace, deploying unconventional tactics like digital espionage, insider threats, phishing, ransomware, and other sophisticated cyberattacks.

These terrorists are perching on the perimeter of your enterprise, patiently waiting to breach and compromise your infrastructure, devices, applications, and data. They might even be sitting next to you.

This is why your products and services play a critical role in cybersecurity.

And I’m here to help you fight the fight with compelling OPSEC marketing collateral.

Office of Inspector General

U.S. Agency for International Development
Special Agent / Criminal Investigator
Middle East

Office of Inspector General

U.S. Agency for International Development
Special Agent / Criminal Investigator

U.S. Department of State

Bureau of Diplomatic Security Service
Office of Investigations and Counterintelligence
Investigative Analyst

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Homeland Security Investigations
Investigative Analyst

U.S. Department of the Navy

Submarine Group SEVEN
Submarine Squadron 1
USS Bremerton SSN-698
SONAR Technician
Western-Pacific Deployment (WESTPAC)

OPSEC B2B Marketing

Compel prospects to become long-term loyal clients.

Direct Mail

Engage clients with meticulously crafted self-mailers, sales letters, brochures, reply forms, or complete classic direct-mail packages.

Email Marketing

Hook clients with direct response email promotions that persuade clients to click to your landing page, microsite, or website.

Web Pages

Position your online presence with relevant and effective content and copy.

Landing Pages

Captivate with sharp copy that influences clients to buy your products and services.


Strengthen your marketing campaign with persuasive copy that flaunts the features and benefits of your products and services.

Press Releases

Spread the word about your new products and services with tightly crafted press releases.


Elevate the credibility of your product by positioning its features and benefits in a finely crafted article.

Case Studies

Fascinate clients with success stories of how your product helped clients overcome challenges and reach new levels of success.

White Papers

Indulge your clients with tightly crafted executive briefings or special reports that capture the detailed and technical features of your products.

Transparent & Collaborative Execution

Don’t worry, I won’t go dark on you.

I will keep you in the loop as we navigate my transparent workflow and deliver superb content and copy.


I will listen to your needs and desires and help you identify and define your target goals.

See Process


We will explore the features of your products or services and how they benefit your clients.

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Your copy will be so smooth and sharp that your clients won’t even know what hit them when they click the Buy Now link!

See Process

Let’s go tactical!

Ready to talk OPSEC?

Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you with stealth speed.

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    “We reached out to Eli to help us with some copy-writing for our company’s brand and website. Sounds easy – but is definitely harder than it sounds when you put pen to paper! Eli was amazing to work with. With a simple phone call, he was able to grasp the life of our company and put it down on paper. He was laid back, asked the right questions and was very conversational (not a bland interview). He also did thorough market research to ensure he understood our customer base. I would definitely recommend Eli – he stepped out of his typical clientelle & market and still went above and beyond!”  – Sara Ahrns Shoemaker, Owner at Shoemaker Masonry Construction, LLC

    Coming soon!

    The Commander Submarine Group SEVEN letter of commendation for outstanding performance during Western Pacific Deployment (WESTPAC). Signed be J.E. Enright, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy,  Commander Submarine Group SEVEN.

    “Eli is a reliable and effective writer. He worked with us on several projects including papers published in internationally recognized high impact journals, such as the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology.” – Cincinnati Children’s

    “Elijah Kirtman earned the CIGIE Award for Excellence and was recognized at CIGIE’s 20th annual awards ceremony in recognition of extreme bravery and dedication to duty to aggressively prevent future U.S. foreign assistance from funding terrorist organizations.” – Office of Inspector General

    “Eli was an outstanding Combined Federal Campaign coordinator. His email campaign and presentations produced twice the amount of contributions during the 2009 Orange-San Bernardino Counties Combined Federal Campaign.” – U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    I worked with Eli at the Diplomatic Security Service Seattle Resident Office. Eli was a quick study and leveraged many new technologies to facilitate investigations. Both personable and professional, I highly recommend Eli and would gladly work with him again!– Pete Galeotti, Former Special Agent, U.S. Department of State