Transparent and Collaborative Execution

Don’t worry, I won’t go dark on you. I will keep you in the loop as we navigate my transparent workflow and deliver superb content and copy.

Identify Target

I will listen to your needs and desires to identify and define your target goals. Then we’ll discuss how your specific product or service solves a problem for your clients.


  • Your needs & desires
  • Your client’s needs & desires
  • Your solution to client’s problem


  • Target Goal
  • Expectations
  • Detailed Proposal / Fee Agreement
  • Handshake & 50% Deposit (milestone payments available for projects > $10,000)

Analyze Target

This is where I roll around in the muddy details to really understand what you’re aiming at. We’ll explore the features of your product or service and how they benefit your clients.

Writer’s Brief:
This detailed questionnaire helps me focus on the most pertinent details of our project.

It’s all about the details. I will conduct research to capture the bigger picture.

I love interviewing folks almost as much as I love writing! I will interview folks to ensure your marketing is based on clear and factual information.

1st/2nd Drafts:
This is where you and I tango to refine the content & copy. Based on your feedback, I will chisel the message down to its most essential form.

Engage Target

Time to lock on target. I will polish the finely chiseled content & copy. It will be so smooth and sharp that your clients won’t even know what hit them when they click the Buy Now link!

Final Draft:
We will not engage target without the Captain’s command – and you’re the Captain.

Final Payment:
Of course, we also can’t launch without the product, which I’ll release upon final payment.

Now that we’ve blasted your competitors out of the water … let’s do it again!