Favorite OPSEC Marketing Tactics

Email Marketing

Hook clients with direct response email promotions that persuade clients to click to your landing page, micro-site, or website.

Landing Pages

Captivate with sharp copy that influences clients to buy your products and services.

Case Studies

Fascinate clients with success stories of how your product helped clients overcome challenges and reach new levels of success.

Other Tactics

Web Pages

Position your online presence with relevant and effective content and copy.


Strengthen your marketing campaign with persuasive copy that flaunts the features and benefits of your products and services.

Press Releases

Spread the word about your new products and services with tightly crafted press releases.


Elevate the credibility of your product by positioning its features and benefits in a finely crafted article.

Direct Mail

Engage clients with meticulously crafted self-mailers, sales letters, brochures, reply forms, or complete classic direct-mail packages.

White Papers

Indulge your clients with tightly crafted executive briefings or special reports that capture the detailed and technical features of your products.